I don’t see ‘pet therapist’ on this list


I thought of this Natalie Dee cartoon on the way home tonight. At some point, I became absolutely terrible at using the phone. I think we all have. I hate to talk on the phone anymore. I think it started when I spent the majority of my day communicating, so when I was off the clock, the last thing I wanted to do was answer the phone and talk to anybody.

Today, some toll-free number came up, and predictably, I ignore it.

It was a job recruiter. They were offering me services that we all got that I completely forgot about. So, bonus there. I have my own personal career counselor for three months!

I haven’t started filling out the paperwork yet, but I really hope it has one of those assessments to tell me all sorts of things about myself and maybe what I should do for a living. Sure, there are all kinds of things I know I can do. I can do a whole lot of things that are exactly like what I did the prior two years and eight months (and three days, but who’s counting?), but what if this test tells me that I’m meant to be a high school band director or a cake decorator?

I’m not an ar-teest by any stretch of the imagination. I’m just … creative, I guess. Just tonight I came up with the best worst high school pregnancy prevention promotion ever. (I’ll save that for later.)

But this article did get me thinking.

Why Conformists Are a Key to Successful Innovation

Have I really been going about this all wrong? I know how to conform when it’s necessary, trust me. It isn’t that I’m outwardly a non-conformist. I think it’s just I see things in such an odd, unique way. I don’t see things like the other kids.

Quick hit: Long day. Long. I can’t believe this term for school is just three more weeks. Also, second visit to chiropractor. What do I like? I don’t feel like I’m being sold a bunch of stuff I don’t need. I like getting my back cracked. What don’t I like? I’m not sure I like drinking chlorophyll. But the stomach test didn’t hurt as much today, and when I had dinner before class, I tried the tofu burrito bowl at Moe’s. (Can see Rob staging a bacon intervention this weekend.)

So far, I haven’t derailed: Made it, but just under the wire. Last minute still counts. It’s still day 2. (2/31)

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