You can’t spell excitement without ‘me’

photo 3The suggestive selling of @StayPuft on Twitter is responsible for what you see above. Not that this isn’t arguably one of the greatest movies ever, mind you. You know what else? Who knew the EPA had authority over the Ghostbusters? Walter Peck, you’re out of your element, bro.

Is this what Friday night becomes in your almost mid-30s? I mean, I’m OK with that. There’s a reason I’ve self-applied the label “Grandma” to myself for the last 10 years or so. If I didn’t have a countertop full of this, I’d probably have already changed into pajamas and gotten ready to shut it down.

photo 1That’s 36 individual yeast rolls that will be formed into 18 pepperoni rolls to hand out to friends in the press box at tomorrow’s Ohio game at Akron. The pepperoni rolls were my admission fee into the press box so I could go to the game and just hang out inside and get some work done during the game. Because, you know, everybody goes to college football games to work on international business and marketing management papers.

Today was a typical low-key Friday, but with some promise. I spent some time catching up with someone with whom I’d occasionally worked, and he had another lead for me, and it actually sounds pretty good. That takes the total number of leads I’ve got to four, so I’m just hopeful something materializes soon. As I was telling a friend of mine last night while chatting on Twitter, I don’t do unemployment well. I’m easily distracted, it’s frustrating, I have time to dwell. I just do better busy, at a frenetic pace.

So, eventually, I went out to pick up some lunch and this was the fortune I got.

photo 2Maybe my days as a lady of leisure are coming to an end soon. Either that or I’m finally getting on a reality show as some kind of den mother in the “Bad Girls Club” house. Could be either of those. I’d lean toward the first.

Seriously, America?

KFC-Go-CupsI will be the first person to tell you that I fully appreciate these strictly for their utilitarian approach. As someone who spends a significant amount of time on the road, it can be a real pain in the ass sometimes to try to balance the food you shouldn’t be eating anyway in a way that it won’t spill out all over the car while you’re tweeting.

But, COME ON. At some point, all of this feels like a “South Park” episode. I feel like in some ways, KFC is clowning itself. Maybe clowning the rest of us. Who among us doesn’t remember this gem?

Yesterday’s leftovers

Sherry, my dear friend I refer to as my older sister, pointed out in my karaoke column that I did leave one out one big one — a song that I’d describe as “our song” and always brings with it lots of laughs and smiles and horribly off-key yelling.


So, if I were to amend to add a number 6, there’s the clear winner.

… and with that, Stay Puft is making his way past Central Park, and I think it’s about time to do some baking.

Rollin’: I’m 1.00 so far! And the Islanders just took the Devils to OT! (4/31)



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