I’m a bad television enthusiast and a bacon authority. Pretty much takes care of it.

I like writing, reading, bowling, being an amateur Iron Chef in my own kitchen, traveling, taking naps with cats, the West Virginia Mountaineers, the Ohio Bobcats, “The Big Lebowski,” and the 1980s.

I spend a lot of time in the car, and I listen to a lot of talk radio. I’m pursuing my MBA, with a concentration in energy management. For some reason, there’s no master’s program for people who want to work in “America’s Test Kitchen” eating or booking guests on “Maury.”

I’ve recently become obsessed with running, and I’m terrible at it. I’m much better at being sprawled out on a couch.

I’m a general malcontent, but generally awesome. I’d follow me on Twitter.

Love letters, hate mail, offers to be on your fledgling reality TV show, product samples, discarded Columbia House “12 CDs for a Penny” packets and cat pictures can be e-mailed to me at seriouslyjacque@gmail.com.