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Tonight, I finished the sixth course in my master’s program. What has two thumbs and is now halfway to signing her name with a pretentious “…, MBA” at the end? THIS GIRL.

No, but seriously. I’m not going to sign my name with those letters at the end. I’m not saying that if you do it you’re a pretentious jerk or anything. I’m just saying it isn’t my style. I sort of abide by a “hide in plain sight” policy. 

But, I digress.

This class was pretty difficult, but not really from the content perspective. It was difficult from the sheer amount of work that went into this final project. I spent all day Monday at my kitchen table fighting with Microsoft Project. I’d never spent time with this software, and if I never do again, I’ll be totally alright with that. I spent a full 16 hours in various states of holding my head in my hands and yelling. It’s like a miniature Bill Gates was standing on my table just giving me the one-finger salute for my efforts. He wishes me the best in all of my future endeavors.

So, today, I decided to celebrate putting that beast to bed with a reward. I bought myself a fancy-pants iPad keyboard that doubles as a case. Check it out. It’s worth the investment, especially if you’re going to be typing a lot. I’m not saying this thing is bacon good, but it’s pretty good.

Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for iPad

My best friend’s mom showed me her case like this over the weekend and I was sold. Now that I have it at home and I’ve been able to use it for the last hour or so, I highly recommend. The booklet that comes with it says that with normal use (though you ever notice nobody defines “normal”?), one charge of this keyboard should last about six months. Bonus.

(In case you’re new to my style of blogging, it’s sort of like this — I like pop culture, food (bacon!!), fitness, the absurd, sportsball, technology, music, and sometimes just being the general malcontent I am. No real theme here …)

I have a week off between the end of this class, and the beginning of the next term. I decided to double up for the next eight-week term because I have the time (*sad trombone*) and the two courses I’m taking don’t look to be nearly as much work as this last one. I’d be hard pressed to believe that the work of both of these classes combined could come close to this last eight weeks.

It’s sort of bittersweet, you know? My mom was so excited when I got into this program. She spent 37 years as a teacher, and I’d never seen a person so committed to lifelong learning. She was so proud that I finally went ahead and found a program I wanted to pursue, and that I’ve done it so far with a 4.0. So, on one hand, I’m sad she isn’t here to be seeing this in person. On the other, I’m so proud of the work I’ve done so far (while keeping up a hectic work schedule … until seven days ago) and the grades I’ve earned. I feel like that’s a reflection on how much value in education she instilled in both me and my sister. It’s a way I can really honor her legacy. 

I’m glad I’m writing again. I’m also glad I’m doing this as a soft rollout. Less pressure that way.

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