Rain, road trips, and the surreal

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If you have Homecoming and nobody shows up, is it still Homecoming? I mean, nobody came home. Even when the rain completely stopped and the game got under way, I’m figuring 5,000 — maybe 6,000 — showed up. Probably 500 of those were Ohio fans.

Just a surreal day overall. I’m watching my alma mater endure some kind of public humiliation on national television, and I can’t feel bad about it. I don’t know that I feel anything at all. I’m admittedly biased. I can’t view the situation objectively, so I don’t really even debate it with people. I just watch the traffic and if I’m inclined, participate in gallows humor. I’m good at gallows humor. If I didn’t laugh I’d cry. That applies to a lot of things.

Tiring day, but productive. You can get a lot done from the back of a broadcast box when the game is so uncompetitive it’s on autopilot. Two papers done? Bing. Takes a huge chunk out of tomorrow. Tomorrow is for being a sloth and writing just five pages pieced together from two previous papers.

Why do I always miss the awesome stuff on TV?: Um, wow. You want to leave a lasting impression during a live television interview? Bring a bag of someone’s ashes while you’re talking about how fast food kills people.

Bonus: No nausea or headaches today at all! Felt so good. Also, first trip ever to Bonefish Grill. Any place that has ceviche automatically gets put into the “favorites” list. Hoping that it’s available somewhere next week in Mexico.

The streak is alive … five for five. (5/31)


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