Seriously, I got distracted. Sorry, y’all.


(If you don’t know the joy of deleting this program from a computer, I sort of feel sorry for you.)

As America’s Champion of Procrastination, instead of writing three brief papers, here we go …

P reminded me this morning that I’d neglected updating anything, because, let’s just be honest, I’m the busiest unemployed person I know. I wish I had all day to watch “Maury” and catch up on TiVo’d episodes of “Judge Mathis.” But, with two classes this term and various other responsibilities around the state, I’m still on the road a fair amount.

In six days, it will have been one month since Death by Polycom. In some ways, it’s gone faster than I thought it would. In others, I feel like I haven’t been working in years. The first few days, it sort of felt like a mini-vacation, and we’d all be back on Monday. And then Monday came and went. And the next Monday. And the next. We’re not going back. We’re not going back any sooner than Larry Bird is walking through that door, fans.

People ask a lot of well-meaning questions when you’re in my situation. What’s kind of chuckle-worthy is my particular situation — within 140 days, I lost my mother and my job. (I have a really twisted sense of humor. So did my mother.) I feel like those people sort of approach me gingerly, hoping they don’t say the wrong thing.

You can’t say the wrong thing. I promise. It’s not possible to say something wrong here. Quite simply, it is what it is.

But, on we go to something fun … It’s finally football time again. I’ve been waiting for you, football. I’ve been waiting since it was clear there was going to be no return trip to a Sweet 16 followed by a depressing trip to a sad downtown Hooters location.


Last weekend, we traveled to Louisville for some football. I was really looking forward to this one because our group of friends hadn’t been together in a while, and for this game, a proper tailgate was planned.  Some of the highlights:

* Saturday night killstorms. Louisville is the kind of place that has an occasional grain silo in the landscape, which just tells me it’s the kind of place that would throw some extra fun into your weekend with an F-3.

* Sunday football games are a great idea … if you shopped ahead. Things nobody bothered to research: You can’t buy any sort of alcohol in Kentucky until 1 p.m. Oh, and that time you thought you saved by grocery shopping in Indiana? Don’t put tailgate drinks on that list because they sell NOTHING on Sunday. Lesson learned the hard way — in both cases. Because I had some spare time the day before while Rob was doing radio, I ended up being somewhat of a champion because I’d bought enough mini bottles for the entire parking lot, and when we arrived at the lot around noon, my fortitude was rewarded.

* Cleverly named seating areas are just that. Cleverly named. Our tickets were in the UPS Flight Deck. After climbing the maybe 100 stairs to get there, I can see why it’s called the “Flight Deck.” You could give a pilot a hi-five as he makes the descent into the UPS airport. It’s the very top row of the stadium. Also, at this point the sun was setting, and I could feel myself baking. Direct sunlight and a ginger don’t mix. Any guilt I’d had about any number of bratwurst I’d consumed immediately went away after that hike. Also, I learned that I have an iron bladder. Never, ever underestimate the ability to hold it when you know the trip back to your seat is not worth any relief you’d feel going to pee.

Regardless of the outcome, which was dismal, it was still good to be back to doing something fun, and something normal. I love road trips. I love seeing new things or trying a new place to eat or drink. I love the little idiosyncrasies of different places I visit.

The rest of the week was spent getting back into gear for class, and then Friday …

I resumed my outdoorsiness by drinking on a patio with a couple of friends in the afternoon. It looked just like that, oddly enough. Capped off the night with high school football, because, why not.

But, Saturday. … Saturday was where things really came back around. It was time. Again.


Good to be back, Athens. It’s been too long since I’ve seen you from this vantage point. I’m looking forward to the adventures we’ll have this year.

But, yeah, other than the day I taught Dad how to use an iPad and a few days of classes, that’s been pretty much it.

I miss working. I really do. I really would go back the minute it was an option. Maybe, though, just maybe I’m supposed to take this time to learn a little more about life, and what I want it to be in this new normal. If that’s the case, I’m OK with that.

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